We have 40 tanks of quality tropical and coldwater fish at very competitive prices. We also sell turtles, underwater frogs, and axolotls.

We have great offers on many varieties of fish:​

Male Guppies - 4 for only £11.50

Female Guppies - 4 for only £11.50

Zebra danios - 4 for only £9

Neon tetras - 6 for only £9

Glowlight tetras - 5 for only £9​

Assorted Platies - 4 for only £11.50​

Small Angel fish - 2 for only £11.50

Bronze Corydoras - 3 for only £12.50

Goldfish - 2 for only £8


We also have in stock:


Xenopus Frogs

Dwarf Underwater Frogs

NEW ! Our stunning display of Male Siamese Fighting fish and fantastic Shrimps of all colours.

We have new deliveries of fish every week - so our selection of Male Siamese Fighting fish is constantly changing. We always have a superb selection of unusual colours and species. Our current selection includes Red, Blue, White, Blue & White Super Delta, Blue and Red Super Delta, and more!

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