We have 40 tanks of quality tropical and coldwater fish at very competitive prices. We also sell turtles, underwater frogs, newts, and axoltls.

We have great offers on many varieties of fish:​

Male Guppies - 4 for only £11.50

Female Guppies - 4 for only £11.50

Zebra danios - 4 for only £8

Neon tetras - 6 for only £9

Glowlight tetras - 5 for only £9​

Assorted Platies - 4 for only £11.50​

Small Angel fish - 2 for only £11.50

Bronze Corydoras - 3 for only £12.50

Goldfish - 2 for only £8


We also have in stock:


Xenopus Frogs

Alpine Newts

Dwarf Underwater Frogs

NEW ! Our stunning display of Male Siamese Fighting fish and fantastic Shrimps of all colours.

We have new deliveries of fish every week - so our selection of Male Siamese Fighting fish is constantly changing. We always have a superb selection of unusual colours and species. Our current selection includes Red, Blue, White, Blue & White Super Delta, Blue and Red Super Delta, and more!

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