Pond Supplies

Pond Supplies

Our new Pond Shop has a comprehensive range of equipment and treatments for your pond, including pond liners and underlay, preformed ponds, waterfalls, pumps and filters, quality Nishikoi food for all pond fish and also a great selection of self contained water features.

We are now also stocking Tetra pond fish foods, and also selected Tetra pond treatments.

We will be pleased to advise customers on the correct choice of pump and filter for your pond. You are guaranteed crystal clear water in your pond with the correct UV filter installed.

Aquael Pond Pumps and Pond Filters are now in stock - quality pond electrics with a 2 year guarantee and 10 metres of cable on all pumps. Clear water is guaranteed in your pond when a UV filter is used, incorporating a UV tube.

Pre-formed garden ponds now available from only £26.99.

Pond Liners

25% EXTRA FREE - 5litres for the price of 4Litres - ONLY £11.99

Pond Fish Food

Light pond sticks are stocked in a range of sizes up to 5Kg.

Special Offer -

5Kg for only £22.99  

We also have a comprehensive range of Tetra and Nishikoi pond foods, also Tetra and NT Labs pond treatments.

New Season Pond Plants now in stock for 2022 !

Marginal Plants, Water Lilies (Dwarf and Standard Varieties)

and Oxygenating Pondweed.

We also have Goldfish, Shubunkins and Comets for ponds.