Fish tank treatments and food

We stock a huge range of accessories, water treatments, fish foods and ornaments for your aquarium. 

Top brands such as Tetra, King British, Hagen Elite, Arcadia, ExoTerra and Penn Plax are available.

We are always happy to give friendly, helpful advice.

We have many products at great prices.

A few examples are:

Aquael elecronic aquarium heaters from only £20.99.

King British Safeguard 250ml (Water dechlorinator) - only £7.49.

25 Kg Aquarium pea gravel - only £15.99.

20 Kg Aquarium sand - only £18.99.

60g Quality Tropical Fish Flake Food - only £3.99


We now have an interesting new selection of bogwood in stock. All are fascinating shapes with plenty of holes for fish to make their dens.

Aquarium ornaments

Superb range of fish tank ornaments, plants and bogwood now in stock.